Version 1.7 of Client Power Tools adds an awesome new module: Projects & Stages.

You can assign multiple projects to each of your clients, create multiple project types, and assign multiple stages to each project. Then, with the visual progress indicator your clients can get a status update just by visiting their client dashboard.

Not everyone calls their projects projects, so you can change the project label to whatever you prefer, like files, matters, dossiers, schemes, capers, etc. Your preferred project label will be shown throughout. The new progress bar provides you and your clients with a visual indicator of each project’s progress.

You can explore the new module in the demo portal. If you have a question about Client Power Tools, join the Discord chat server. You can also check out the documentation or the support forum on

Note: Just so we’re clear, this does not turn Client Power Tools into project management software. That’s not what it is for. What it does is give you another set of tools to inform and empower your clients!